Wednesday, October 17, 2012

2012 Results

Oh, the damn rain!  Why, after 56 days of sunshine, does it rain the weekend of the Triple Ripple? And not just rain, but constant rain, without cease, and the really wet, dark kind of rain that makes Moran State Park woods look like the slopes of Mordor?
Summit View?  Martin Taylor Photo (c) 2012

Amazingly, almost one hundred intrepid athletes made the best of things and seemed to have some muddy fun in one, two or three races.  The terrible weather for Sunday's 30K was a bit too challenging for our emergency response capacity for hypothermia and tree-crushed bodies, so we re-routed the course mid-race, preventing 2/3 of the 30K runners from completing the entire loop, and maybe saving a few butts in the process.  Our sincerest apologies to those runners.  We err on the side of helicopter-parenting. 

At any rate, it was wonderful to meet many of you, and we loved the Laura Houston workshop, the great food and local beer, and the band Red Tide, who closed with Jen's sappy favorite Led Zeppelin.  Thank you to our tireless volunteers, who probably didn't feel like standing in the cold rain as long as they did.  Hope you all will think of coming back to another Triple Ripple some year-- it's actually very beautiful here, and can't possibly be this wet ever again....

4 Miler - Mountain Lake - Oct. 13, 9:00 AM
Drizzle, 60 degrees.

Finish Place Name Age Group Time
1 Binney Mitchell M40-49 23:03
2 Brian Shasserre M40-49 25:52
3 Chris Clark M40-49 26:07
4 Denis Ryan M18-39 26:14
5 Mac McClure M18-39 26:25
6 Ron Thomasson M40-49 26:56
7 Todd Silva M40-49 27:04
8 Owen Hamel M40-49 27:11
9 Pat Johnson M40-49 27:20
10 Laura Harger F18-39 27:24 CR
11 Ryan Dusina M18-39 27:31
12 Rich Frazier M40-49 27:51
13 Gregg Bronn M40-49 27:58
14 Laura McCabe F40-49 28:12
15 Marcus Warolin M18-39 28:15
16 Don Wesley M40-49 28:19
17 Leslie Hall F40-49 28:41
18 Jen Warolin F18-39 28:53
19 Alex Hall M50-59 29:20
20 Shasta Zielke F18-39 29:29
21 Randy Gaylord M50-59 29:32
22 Liz Anjos F18-39 29:33
23 Sean Duggan M40-49 29:37
24 Katharine Bill F40-49 29:40
25 Maureen Kavanaugh F18-39 29:56
26 Shawn Williams M18-39 30:09
27 Paul Caisse M60-69 30:17
28 Dean Dean M50-59 30:40
29 Tawnie McDonald F40-49 30:54
30 Ella Hall F0-17 31:08
31 Gina Crosswhite F40-49 31:52
32 Novie McCabe F0-17 32:00
33 Loren Dickey M18-39 32:38
34 Eric Menendez M18-39 33:02
35 Michael Almodovar M18-39 33:06
36 Sarah Graham F40-49 34:25
37 Kami Rathburn F18-39 34:45
38 Katie Wilkins F18-39 35:03
39 Suzanne Nester F40-49 35:08
40 Elizabeth Walker F18-39 35:42
41 Dan Borman M60-69 36:01
42 Amy Diehl F18-39 36:13
43 Dana Montgomery F40-49 36:43
44 Briana Williams F18-39 36:48
45 Jenny Hamel F40-49 36:58
46 William Sharp M60-69 37:04
47 Susan Stehn F18-39 37:30
48 Doug Winter M40-49 37:54
49 Andrea Doll F40-49 38:46
50 Susie Coberly F40-49 38:49
51 Molly Koch F18-39 38:54
52 Clark Gilbert M50-59 40:07
53 Peirson F18-39 40:16
54 Jake Griffith M18-39 40:21
55 Vicki Vandermay F50-59 40:26
56 Molly Donovan F40-49 40:45
57 John Cowart M50-59 41:25
58 Laine Nichols F18-39 41:27
59 Lydia Guel F40-49 42:43
60 Russell Guerry M18-39 44:14
61 Deonne Schoner F40-49 44:40
62 Parisa Sadeghi F40-49 45:41
63 Kari VanGelder F18-39 46:07
64 Amy Winter F40-49 48:24
65 Chelsea Maricle F18-39 49:22
66 Maude Cumming F50-59 49:56
67 Theresa Fowler F40-49 51:24
68 Debbie Driscoll F18-39 52:35
69 Elizabeth Guerry F18-39 53:26
70 Desiree Ann Nabong F18-39 53:45
71 Elizabeth Henkes F40-49 57:02
72 Shay Silva F0-17 59:35
73 Makenna Silva F0-17 59:38
74 Cori Hanan F18-39 61:19
75 Shelby Silva F40-49 64:58
76 Loretta Tharp F40-49 71:02

10K Uphill - ELC to Summit - Oct. 13, 3:00PM
Rain and wind, 60 degrees dropping to 40 degrees.

Finish Place Name Age Group Time
1 Binney Mitchell M40-49 51:12
2 Mac McClure M18-39 57:42
3 Chris Clark M40-49 58:08
4 Ryan Dusina M18-39 58:21
5 Denis Ryan M18-39 58:28
6 Brian Shasserre M40-49 58:34
7 Laura McCabe F40-49 1:00:32 CR
8 Owen Hamel M40-49 1:02:57
9 Don Wesley M40-49 1:03:04
10 Leslie Hall F40-49 1:03:51
11 Laura Harger F18-39 1:04:19
12 Todd Silva M40-49 1:04:35
13 Rich Frazier M40-49 1:04:46
14 Tawnie McDonald F40-49 1:06:27
15 Jen Warolin F18-39 1:06:52
16 Katharine Bill F40-49 1:07:04
17 Randy Gaylord M50-59 1:08:06
18 Gregg Bronn M40-49 1:08:54
19 Marcus Warolin M18-39 1:09:10
20 Liz Anjos F18-39 1:09:31
21 Shasta Zielke F18-39 1:10:01
22 Shawn Williams M18-39 1:10:47
23 Sean Duggan M40-49 1:11:51
24 Steven Vanderstaay M50-59 1:13:29
25 Dean Dean M50-59 1:14:08
26 Suzanne Nester F40-49 1:22:02
27 Eric Menendez M18-39 1:15:53
28 Gina Crosswhite F40-49 1:16:01
29 Sarah Graham F40-49 1:18:57
30 William Sharp M60-69 1:21:17
31 Elizabeth Walker F18-39 1:22:02
32 Michael Almodovar M18-39 1:22:50
33 Dan Chasan M60-69 1:23:31
34 James Haug M40-49 1:23:49
35 Paul Gammon M50-59 1:27:29
36 Amy Diehl F18-39 1:28:49
37 Mary Metzger F50-59 1:29:16
38 Jessica Haug F18-39 1:29:44
39 Lindsay Schermer F18-39 1:30:14
40 Briana Williams F18-39 1:30:15
41 Jenny Hamel F40-49 1:31:26
42 Laine Nichols F18-39 1:35:57
43 Susan Stehn F18-39 1:37:32
44 Clark Gilbert M50-59 1:37:34
45 Susie Coberly F40-49 1:39:52
46 Molly Koch F18-39 1:39:53
47 Lydia Guel F40-49 1:41:39
48 Deonne Schoner F40-49 1:45:07
49 Andrea Doll F40-49 1:45:08
50 Atu Horan F40-49 1:49:51
51 Vicki Vandermay F50-59 1:51:16
52 Theresa Fowler F40-49 2:04:22
53 Debbie Driscoll F18-39 2:08:05
54 Desiree Ann Nabong F18-39 2:09:29

30K/20K - ELC - Oct. 14, 8:00AM
Pouring rain, high winds. 30K course shortened to 20K mid-race due to gale.

Race place Name Age Group Time

1 Binney Mitchell M40-49 2:33:41
2 Brian Shasserre M40-49 2:48:43
3 Denis Ryan M18-39 2:52:28
4 Laura McCabe F40-49 3:02:17 CR
5 Rich Frazier M40-49 3:03:43
6 Leslie Hall F40-49 3:04:42
7 Jen Warolin F18-39 3:10:49
8 Don Wesley M40-49 3:11:22
9 Ryan Dubina M18-39 3:14:44
10 Marcus Warolin M18-39 3:16:31
11 Randy Gaylord M50-59 3:30:10
12 Sean Duggan M40-49 3:30:16

1 Mac McClure M18-39 1:58:52
2 Brendan Cowan M40-49 1:58:52
3 Gregg Bronn M40-49 1:59:17
4 Katharine Bill F40-49 1:59:35
5 Maureen Kavanaugh F18-39 1:59:58
6 Liz Anjos F18-39 2:02:44
7 Tawnie McDonald F40-49 2:03:03
8 Dean Dean M50-59 2:22:05
9 Sara Graham F40-49 2:22:38
10 Amy Diehl F18-39 2:25:46
11 Rita Filbeck F18-39 2:26:10
12 William Sharp M60-69 2:32:43
13 Dana Montgomery F40-49 2:34:36
14 Bob Krimmel M60-69 2:34:37
15 Laine Nichols F18-39 2:45:00
16 Francesca Carmichael F50-59 2:46:08
17 Deonne Schoner F40-49 2:46:58
18 Theresa Fowler F40-49 3:33:51

Triple Ripple Trail Monsters - Ran ALL THREE RACES!
[3x4mile time]+[2x10K time]+[30K time]

This was hard to score this year-- how do you tot up scores when you prevent most of the field from running the full course in the last event?  There's no really fair way to do it.  We can recognize everyone who managed this mad feat of hill-climbing and displays of speed.  Here they are:

1 Binney Mitchell 5:25:14 (full 30K course)
2 Brian Shasserre 6:03:07 "
3 Denis Ryan 6:15:27 "
4 Ryan Dubina 6:33:59 "
5 Rich Frazier 6:36:48 "
6 Laura McCabe 6:37:51 "
7 Leslie Hall 6:38:27 "
8 Don Wesley 6:42:27 "
9 Jen Warolin 6:51:12 "
10 Marcus Warolin 6:59:36 "
11 Randy Gaylord 7:14:58 "
12 Sean Duggan 7:16:49 "
1 Mac McClure 5:13:31 (shorter 30K course)
2 Gregg Bronn 5:40:59 "
3 Katharine Bill 5:42:43 "
4 Tawnie McDonald 5:48:39 "
5 Liz Anjos 5:50:25 "
6 Dean Dean 6:22:21 "
7 Sara Graham 6:43:47 "
8 William Sharp 7:06:29 "
9 Amy Diehl 7:12:03 "
10 Laine Nichols 8:01:15 "
11 Deonne Schoner 8:31:12 "
12 Theresa Fowler 10:16:47 "

Now, Binney was pretty untouchable all weekend, so I feel comfortable awarding him the Trail Monster crown he so rightly deserves. He also gets credit for coming from the farthest away, Burlington, VT, and for having run the Triple Ripple twice now. Congratulations, Binney, we love having you here, and we owe you a fleece vest (and see you this fall running East Coast XC!).

The women's competition for Trail Monster Crown was close and high-caliber. Methow Valley nordic skiers Laura McCabe and Leslie Hall, who have both been on US Olympic Ski teams, proved the hale and hardiest, running great times and making this masters woman race director proud to be 40+. Leslie edged Laura in the "flat" 4m, but Laura was a goat on the hills in the 10K and 30K and pulled ahead for the fastest woman Trail Monster time, and setting new women's course records in both.

Worthy mentions go to the unstoppable Randy Gaylord, local Orcas Islander, who was the fastest M50+ to finish the full length trifecta in 7:14:58, and Mac McClure, the fast-talking barefoot running ambassador from the Born-to-Run store in Seattle, who brought a posse of unshod friends and runners up here, and would have killed it in the 30K and Trail Monster scoring, if he hadn't been kept off the mountain by us mother-hen RDs.  Thanks for your good energy, Mac and friends!

Friday, March 30, 2012

2012 Triple Ripple Race Information

When:  October 13-14, 2012
Where: Moran State Park, Orcas Island, WA

What:  A trifecta of three running races in two days!

Really, three races-in-one?  Heck, yeah!  You can DO it, trail monster!  Moran State Park has some of the most beautiful trail running on the left coast:  80-year-old single-track trails, giant cedars and doug firs, peeling madronas, moss and lichen and ferns, clear lakes and dizzying ocean views. And mid-October is chanterelle season out here.

This race weekend will give you the chance to enjoy Orcas trails in three gears: go-fast, go-up, and go-long.  It's an ultra in three stages, and you'll go home walking funny, or we haven't done our job!  Whether you compete for the triple crown (recommended!)  or run just one or two races, we invite you to come join the party and enjoy this special place.

Of course, the Triple Ripple is not just about racing!  It's about relaxing with friends and recharging your mind!  It's Orcas Island, after all.  There will be delicious, locally grown food  served at the post race dinner.  Diverse, wonderful restaurants are also available should you choose to dine out.   Sparkling Cascade Lake beckons you to soak your legs between races or pick up a paddle and go canoeing (boats provided!).  Or, learn some new ways to relate your mind to your body with a free Chi Running workshop with Laura Houston on Saturday (and a fuller, paid workshop on Sunday).  Massage therapy can be arranged through the excellent local Healing Arts Center

There's plenty of mellow stuff to do on Orcas between races-- visit the world-famous Bullock permaculture farm, take a tour of the great craftsmen-style Moran Mansion at Rosario Resort, hunt for mushrooms, or go for a sauna/soak at Doe Bay Resort and Retreat.

The Races:

Go-Fast: 4 mile Mountain Lake Run:
  9AM. Saturday, Oct. 13.  A single loop of beautiful Mountain Lake on single track trails, this will be the flat, fast weekend opener.  If you've got some speed, show it off now... 4M MAP

Liz Anjos.   (Martin Taylor Photo.)
Go-Up: 10K Uphill Climb: 3PM, Saturday, Oct. 13.  You can't visit Orcas Island without summitting Mt. Constitution; and you're going to do it the badass way, of course!  This uphill dandy starts at Camp Moran, circles the south shore of Cascade Lake for a little warm-up, then heads straight uphill for 2.4 miles to the Cold Springs saddle.  Good footing, big vertical, lots of momentum-killing switchbacks.  Aid station at Cold Springs shelter.   The last two miles flatten out slightly as you approach the summit from along the east side cliff.   Look for huge Eastward views of Mt. Baker and the North Cascades.  Finish at the 1930s CCC fire tower on top, where refreshments await.  Rides provided back to the start. 10K MAP

Go-Long: 30K-ish Trail Run: 8AM, Sunday, Oct. 14.  If you loved yesterday, then today will make you weep for joy:  18+ miles of the best unbeaten paths on Mt. Constitution.  You'll get long ascents and descents through old growth hemlock, sitka spruce and doug fir; get startled by ravens croaking and gurgling over hidden ponds; run by foot-deep moss, and stumble upon giant views of the Strait of Georgia and Puget Sound.  Yup, it's hilly and hard-- but the footing is good, and scores high for run-ability. 30K MAP.

Kid's Race:  New in 2012!  The Funhouse Commons will be hosting a 400m-1000m (-ish) kid's race during the Triple Ripple Trail Festival.  Details still being ironed out.  Stay tuned!

Scoring for The Triple Ripple Trail Monster:   The Triple Ripple Trail Monster will be the runner with the lowest 'weighted' total time for all three races.  The 30K counts 1X.  The Uphill Climb counts 2X, and to give the track stars a fighting chance, the 4-miler will be multiplied by 3.

For example:

racefinish timemultiplierscoring time
10k Uphill1:15:002x2:30:00

Ties will be broken by Greco-Roman wrestling.

Awards: Overall and age-group winners will be recognized in individual races.  Last time around, prizes were great organic garlic from Orcas Farm, local soaps from Island Thyme, and local wine from Lopez Island Vineyards.  Grandiose Awards (even more garlic!!) will be presented to Triple Ripple Trail Monsters overall and in age groups.  Most pathos-inducing injury wins the Golden Crutches (not awarded every year!).

Age Groups: 17-under, 18-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70+

Camping and Lodging:  You are welcome to camp adjacent to the starting area at a beautiful private campsite! Moran State Park has several campgrounds adjacent to Camp Moran.  Southend Camp is closest to race headquarters.  The rustic Mountain Lake campsites are especially beautiful, about 2 miles from Camp Moran/Race HQ at Moran's Environmental Learning Center.  Obstruction Pass has a few very pretty tent sites on bluff above a rocky beach, walk-in only, about 6 miles from Camp Moran.

In addition, Orcas Island is home to many lovely places to stay, including Doe Bay Resort (8 miles from race HQ), and numerous B&Bs.  Many of them are offering special deals to runners.  Check out the Orcas Island Chamber of Commerce website for suggestions, and have a look at here for deals being offered to runners.

Bunkhouse housing at Camp Moran will NOT be available this year.

Carpooling:  Are you interested in carpooling to the Triple Ripple?  Good idea! Post your offers or needs below.  Also check our Triple Ripple Facebook page, and the Orcas Island RideShare page on Facebook.  Hitchhiking is common on Orcas, but can't be relied on to get you to the start on time. 

Festival Fees: 
Race Entry Fees Before Sept. 30 Oct. 1 - Oct 13
4 Mile Trail Race $20 $25

10K+ Uphill Climb



30K Trail Race




$70 (save $10!)

$90 (save $10!)
Saturday night party - good hot local food, interesting music, great people!


Included in race entry:  race packet, all festivities including Chi workshop, use of kitchen Friday night, light breakfasts, day pass to park.

PARKING PASS NOT INCLUDED!  Moran State Park requires a Washington State Discover Pass for vehicles.  $10/day or $30/year, available for purchase at park headquarters, or online:

Oct. 11, 2012 Update:  Snail mail and online registration now closed.  Day of Race entry still available.  Just show up!

Please note that registration fees increase after September 30, 2012.  Online registration is available through October 11, two days before the races. Your early registration helps with our planning, thanks!

SORRY, NO REFUNDS:  Transfers to other runners OK as long as they sign a new waiver-- shoot us an email directly (not to UltraSignup).

Orcas Island Triple Ripple Trail Festival charity beneficiary:  The Funhouse Commons.

Entrant limit: 200 runners per race.

Courses:  30K Map and Elevation Chart / 30K Google Earth File (.klm)

Aid Stations:  One aid station on the 10K Hill Climb and four during the 30K -- all stocked with gels, sports drink, cookies, etc.  See course maps for locations.

Drop Bags: 

10K - drop bag service to the finish line area at the top of Mt. Constitution.
30K - drop bag service at Cold Spring aid station (approx. 10.5m mark).

Contact Information:
Race Directors: Susannah Beck and Jen Vollmer, Olga, WA

Finish line at the top of the world! (Martin Taylor photo.)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

2012 Festival Schedule (tentative):

Friday, Oct. 12

3:00 - 8pm: Registration, packet pick-up and check-in at Camp Moran/ELC
5:00pm:  Kitchen available for campers' use.

Saturday, Oct. 13

6am:  Light brekkie available at Camp Moran (coffee, juice, bagels, peanut butter, boiled eggs)
8:00-8:30am Late registration for 4m at Mountain Lake
9am:  Race #1:  4m around Mountain Lake
10:00am: Awards for 4m at Mountain Lake

12:30pm: Free Chi Running Workshop with Laura Houston (
Noon:  Kids' race at Camp Moran (this may be moved to Sunday...)
3pm:  Race #2:  10K Uphill Climb (starts at Camp Moran, ends at summit)
6:30:  Dinner and music at the Lodge
7:00:  Awards for 10KHill Climb and update on Trail Monster standings
7:30-10:00: Music - to be determined. 

Sunday, Oct 14
6am:  Light brekkie available at Camp Moran
8am: Race #3:  30K Race (starts and finishes at Camp Moran)
8:30am: Chi Running Workshop with Laura Houston (limited to 12, $100 fee).  Flyer for workshop:

12:30pm: Awards Ceremony 30K, Trail Series

Friday, February 3, 2012

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Who We Are

Island Vortex Productions is the delicious brainfart of childhood friends Susannah Beck and Jen Vollmer.  As Orcas Islanders, we saw the need for more running races on Orcas Island, and decided to make it happen. Taking a cue from Rainshadow Running's ridiculously fun Orcas Island 50K in February, we thought an island festival in nice weather and with "easier" distances would be a great place to start.  We loved the idea of three races in two days-- it's hardcore enough to attract ultrarunners who will race all three,  but also accessible to recreational runners.

Susannah has been trail and road running for 30 years and moved to Orcas in 2009. She is a stickler for good course markings, cool prizes, and stupendous scenery. Jen has been in the islands since the 1990s, is totally about to start running again, and is an organizational genius who knows every farmer, baker and banjo-plucker on the island.  Together, we will create a spinning vortex of food, running and music that we hope will leave you reeling!  Come join us in October!

Contact Information:
Race Directors: Susannah Beck and Jen Vollmer, Olga, WA

Monday, October 4, 2010

2010 Results! New Course Records Across All Races!

Congratulations and THANK YOU to the stalwart first generation of Triple Ripple runners! Results to follow, after we get some sleep-- in the meantime, please enjoy these photos of the event, graciously shot by Orcas's Martin Taylor:

4-Miler at Mountain Lake / 9:00am, Oct. 2, 2010
Weather: perfect fall day

1. Joseph Gray, M26, Lakewood, WA 21:57
2. Binney Mitchell, M41, Burlington, VT 23:20
3. Willie Clancy, M21, Eastsound, WA 26:20
4. James Varner, M33, Winthrop, WA 26:30
5. David Miller, M34, Portland, OR 27:58
6. Liz Anjos, F25, Portland, OR 28:42
7. Rebecca Duffy, F28, Bartlett, IL 29:18
8. Laura Trevellyan, F27, Orcas Island, WA 29:30
9. Stephanie Rushton F36, 30:00
10. Randy Gaylord, M53, Eastsound, WA 30:03
11. Candice Burt, F28, Langley, WA 31:12
12. Christopher Evans, M38, Eastsound, WA32:36
13. Drew Rushton, M37 32:43
14. Dave Graves, M45, Kent, WA 33:12
15. Christina Mills, F25, Lakewood, WA 34:39
16. Katie Sauerbrey, F21, Brush Prairie, WA 35:04
17. Wendy Graves, F42, Kent, WA 35:18
18. Lauren Hardwick, F25, Bellingham, WA 35:53
19. April Lindeman, F30, Corvallis, OR 36:24
20. Jake Griffith, M19, Eastsound, WA 36:46
21. Golda Moore, F30, Whidbey Is.,WA 37:06
22. Caitlin Norton, F33, Kirkland, WA 38:04
23. Kelvin Battle, M41, Auburn, WA 38:06
24. Rita Larsen, F33, Blaine, WA 39:51
25. Laura Houston, F55, Seattle, WA 43:38
26. Laine Nichols, F26, Lopez Island, WA 47:42 (includes 9 minutes late start)
27. Marny Gaylord, F55, Eastsound, WA 49:00
28. Beverly Lynch, F43, Kent, WA 55:35
29. Chris Lynch, M35, Kent, WA 55:36
30. Frieda Cron, F52, Olga, WA 1:03:52
31. Tabytha Murphy, F11, Bellingham, WA 1:04:07
32. Danelle Murphy, F41, Bellingham, WA 1:04:08
33. Lo&Max Dickey, M37+1, Olga, WA 1:08:43

10K Uphill Climb / 3:00 pm, Oct. 2, 2010 / Cascade Lake -> Mt. Constitution Summit
Weather: mighty fine. Sunny and cool.

1. Joseph Gray, M26, Lakewood, WA 48:07
2. Binney Mitchell, M41, Burlington, VT 51:48
3. Kevin Crossman, M27, Snohomish, WA 54:37
4. Willie Clancy, M21, Eastsound, WA 59:04
5. James Varner, M 33, Winthrop, WA 59:12
6. David Miller, M34, Portland, OR 1:04:18
7. Liz Anjos, F25, Portland, OR 1:06:18
8. Rebecca Duffy, F28, Bartlett, IL 1:06:42
9. Dominic Vellucci, M27, Eastsound, WA 1:12:04
10. Dave Graves, M45, Kent, WA 1:12:10
11. Candice Burt, F28, Langley, WA 1:12:14
12. Dan Chasen, M67, Vashon, WA 1:17:37
13. Wendy Graves, F42, Kent, WA 1:17:45
14. Lauren Hardwick, F25, Bellingham, WA 1:18:26
15. Katie Sauerbrey, F21, Brush Prairie, WA 1:19:10
16. Chris Lynch, M35, Kent, WA 1:21:17
17. April Lindeman, F30, Corvallis, OR 1:22:22
18. Laine Nichols, F26, Lopez Island, WA 1:23:00
19. Kelvin Battle, M41, Auburn, WA 1:32:12
20. Caitlin Norton, F33, Kirkland, WA 1:32:13
21. Rita Larsen, F33, Blaine, WA 1:34:33
22. Laura Houston, F55, Seattle, WA 1:40:24
23. Phil Heikkinen, M55, Eastsound, WA 1:40:24

30K Trail Run all over Moran State Park / 8:00 am, Oct. 3, 2010
Weather: partly cloudy, cool, humid.

1. Joseph Gray, M26, Lakewood, WA 2:20:38
2. Binney Mitchell, M41, Burlington, VT 2:27:37
3. Willie Clancy, M21, Eastsound, WA 2:55:18
4. James Varner, M 33, Winthrop, WA 2:55:30
5. David Miller, M34, Portland, OR 3:02:53
6. Lindsay Mann-King, F26, Bellingham, WA 3:04:08
7. Rebecca Duffy, F28, Bartlett, IL 3:09:07
8.  Candice Burt, F28, Langley, WA 3:12:54
9. Nick Meyer, M34, Seattle, WA 3:20:07
10. Katie Sauerbrey, F21, Brush Prairie, WA 3:40:29
11. Lauren Hardwick, F25, Bellingham, WA 3:44:49
12. Joe Gaydos, M40?, EastSound, WA 3:46:46
13. April Lindeman, F30, Corvallis, OR 3:54:08
14. Laine Nichols, F26, Lopez Island, WA 3:55:12
15. Dave Graves, M45, Kent, WA 3:58:49
16. Julie Brunner, F42, Eastsound, WA 4:06:52
17. Wendy Graves, F42, Kent, WA 4:07:15
18. Caitlin Norton, F33, Kirkland, WA 4:07:17
19. Mary Metzger, F51, Bellingham, WA 4:09:29
20. Polly Favinger, F52, Bellingham, WA 4:09:29
21. Kelvin Battle, M41, Auburn, WA 4:12:32

Triple Ripple Trail Monsters: