Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Who We Are

Island Vortex Productions is the delicious brainfart of childhood friends Susannah Beck and Jen Vollmer.  As Orcas Islanders, we saw the need for more running races on Orcas Island, and decided to make it happen. Taking a cue from Rainshadow Running's ridiculously fun Orcas Island 50K in February, we thought an island festival in nice weather and with "easier" distances would be a great place to start.  We loved the idea of three races in two days-- it's hardcore enough to attract ultrarunners who will race all three,  but also accessible to recreational runners.

Susannah has been trail and road running for 30 years and moved to Orcas in 2009. She is a stickler for good course markings, cool prizes, and stupendous scenery. Jen has been in the islands since the 1990s, is totally about to start running again, and is an organizational genius who knows every farmer, baker and banjo-plucker on the island.  Together, we will create a spinning vortex of food, running and music that we hope will leave you reeling!  Come join us in October!

Contact Information:
Race Directors: Susannah Beck and Jen Vollmer, Olga, WA
Email: triplerippletrailfestival@gmail.com